Case study A 

It has 8 years since I sat my A levels, and I still have very fond memories of ExamSolutions and Stuart Sidders. Unfortunately my A level maths teacher wasn’t very good and I struggled. Luckily, I stumbled across ExamSolutions on Youtube and everything changed. Stuart is a brilliant teacher and has a unique ability to: 1) simplify and explain complex mathematical concepts, 2) generate genuine enthusiasm in maths and 3) highlight the application of maths to real life problems. I used his videos to learn the en been tire A level maths curriculum. His worked solutions for past papers were particularly helpful when it came to preparing for exams. As a result I managed to achieve an A* at A level, and dare I say, I even ended up enjoying maths! I can confidently say that without Stuart and ExamSolutions, I would not have achieved an A* and go on to receive my first choice university offer. 

Case study B 

I just wanted to take a minute of time to express my appreciation and gratitude for the maths content you deliver online. I am battling with a 17 year old who is due to sit A-Level Further Maths next year (AQA – I am not impressed with the selection of past papers they have on offer). There has been some fear at his college that A-Levels may yet again be cancelled – so they’re currently building up to a mock exam. The college have suggested these may be quite crucial in grading them. Your content is fantastic. I am not un-educated…..mathematically that is, but the Further Maths was just a step too far for me. We’ve both sat here watching your videos. The worked examples and explanations are fantastic. 

Case study C 

At the slightly advanced age of 62 I have decided to go back to uni to do Maths and Physics. I am using a couple of courses in Maths for Engineers to ease my way back in. I used ExamSolutions to brush up. First results in: Distinction in Precalculus. Thanks muchly Stuart! 

Case study D 

Graduated last year with a BSc in Maths and a double minor in Criminology and Accounting with Second Class Honors. Your content on Calculus, Probability and Statistics played an instrumental role in the pursuit of my BSc degree in Maths. Prior to entering university, I got a distinction in Pure Maths Unit 1 and a grade 2 in Pure Maths unit 2.  Exam Solutions was essential to my accomplishments in Maths for the past 7 years. I am sincerely grateful for the help that was extended to me over the years. Thank you very much Stuart, I’m eternally! Note that I’m one of those who are emerging from humble beginnings.  

Case study E 

Stuart, you directly helped me attain an A* in my GCSE Maths in 2014, A level Maths and Mechanics and in understanding my Engineering diploma. Now I’m on a Manufacturing Management Programme at Rolls-Royce. I have you to thank for the massive help in getting me to this position. All the best! 

Case studies F 

Stuart Sidders Sax Player

I passed my CIE O Levels as well as my CIE A Levels with A*s in Mathematics. I remember I’d get back from school and watch your videos while having lunch or snacks. I would be grinding for hours, solving question papers while you explained. I remember learning about CAST diagrams from you. Now I am at university and I can’t imagine standing where I am right now without your guidance. I haven’t ever met a teacher like you in all my high school years; one who teaches so well, and for that you have my utmost respect.