What can you do?

Take up teaching maths maybe. This has been very rewarding for me over the years. I went to university and did a degree in maths and then went on to do a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (P.G.C.E.) which specialised in teaching maths. I still teach as you can see from this site.

Teaching is not for everyone though, so what else is there?

The financial sector, the actuarial profession, ICT and academia are some of the most popular choices, but there are many other careers that you may not have considered. Most areas of business and industry rely on people with good mathematical knowledge, in research and development, management, and as consultants or technicians. The Civil Service, the NHS and many other public sector employers are always looking for maths graduates and here you can combine your maths skills with other interests. In fact, at some level, nearly every profession needs mathematicians and statisticians.

This video below highlights exciting careers that are available to people who study Further Mathematics.

The video was commissioned by Man Group plc, coordinated by Mathematics in Education and Industry and produced by Fat Rat Films.