In this video, I show you how to integrate exponential functions of the form e(ax+b) as the inverse of differentiation and run through a few examples.

You will be shown how to tackle the following:

  1.     \[\int {{\textstyle{3 \over 5}}{e^{2x}}dx} \]

  2.     \[\int {\frac{4}{{3{e^{5x}}}}dx} \]

  3.     \[\int {{\textstyle{2 \over 3}}{e^{3x - 2}}dx} \]

Then asked to try:

  1.     \[\int {\left( {3{e^{7x}} - {\textstyle{2 \over 3}}{e^{5x - 1}}} \right)dx} \]

  2.     \[\int {\left( {3{e^{5 - 2x}} - \frac{3}{{2{e^{4x}}}}} \right)dx} \]