sin(A±B), cos(A±B) and tan(A±B)

You are introduced to the addition formulae sin(A+B), cos(A+B) and tan(A+B)

Formulae to remember:

  • \sin{(A+B)} \equiv \sin A \cos B + \cos A \sin B
    \sin{(A-B)} \equiv \sin A \cos B - \cos A \sin B \\
    \cos{(A+B)} \equiv \cos A \cos B - \sin A \sin B
    \cos{(A-B)} \equiv \cos A \cos B + \sin A \sin B \\
    \tan{(A+B)} \equiv \dfrac{\tan A + \tan B}{1 - \tan A \tan B}\\
    \tan{(A-B)} \equiv \dfrac{\tan A - \tan B}{1 + \tan A \tan B}

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