The new AS and A-level Mathematics 2017 specifications which were brought in to start from September 2017 with first exams for AS in September 2018 are proving to be quite a challenge as far as updating the site go.

I was planning to complete this transition during the summer in time for September. At least I have now managed to put up the mathematics specifications for AS and A-level for Edexcel, AQA, OCR and MEI but I still have the further mathematics to do. This is now looking like it will be completed by mid November.

With this change, I will be returning to updating some of the older videos, especially the statistics ones as the new specifications allow the use of calculators that can handle probability calculations such as the Normal and Binomial distributions without the use of tables. All in good time though. Rome as they say was not built in a day.

Having said that though I have not long added calculating probabilities for the Binomial Distribution using the Casio Class Wizz calculator which I found to be very easy to use and would recommend.