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ExamSolutions offers free maths revision video tutorials, which will help you get the maths grade you want.

Here you will find over 3600 maths videos covering topics such as algebra, calculus, probability, statistics and mechanics.

You will also find worked solutions to A-level maths past papers from the popular Examination boards such as Edexcel, CIE and OCR.

This is your pathway to success in maths.

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Thank you so much for all your hard work into making these videos.

They played such a big part in helping me get into Warwick university to study maths.


Alice Hoolahan, A level Maths Student

You are a wonderful teacher. I’m taking maths and further maths at a-level and you’ve helped immensely!

I love maths and is aiming to do maths at uni thanks to you 🙂

Farihin Ufiya, A level Maths Student

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Stuart Sidders

Stuart Sidders

Hi, welcome to my website, ExamSolutions!

I am passionate about providing maths revision for free to help as many people as I can around the world.

Videos are being added or updated most days when I am not working on the website.

So far, my videos have been viewed over 78 million times by students from more than 190 countries.

I am a qualified maths teacher and have taught for over 41 years. So, I would like to think I can pass that experience on to you by helping with core maths, statistics, mechanics or further maths.

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