ExamSolutions was started in 2006. Since then I have received lots of messages of thanks, below are small selection:

  • Thank you Very much! All my maths classmates know about your website and out teachers recommend it! This is the only place that shows how to and EXPLAINS every past paper question (extremely helpful) and has all the revision topics. You have definitely helped me understand maths a lot better.
  • You are legendary!! Thanks for all your help.You helped me achieve an A* from a D.
  • If I make it to Surrey uni then it’s because of you. you’ve prepared me for my 9 maths exams next month, thank you for your time and effort. once I’ve finished uni my first pay checks are going straight to you.
  • Brilliant site you got Sir..Its really really helping me God bless you.
  • I just want to say a HUGE thank you for all of your videos. They have helped me so much over the past couple of years, I’m so grateful that you take the time, effort and energy to produce quality tutorials etc. Keep up the tremendous work and I hope many others can benefit from your resources just as I have.
    God bless you and I wish you every success in the future!
  • Your videos really make what was a dreaded subject for me a pleasure, i’m redoing my A-levels so that i can study dietetics and i always thought i was bad at maths but i’m doing so well with your videos! Thanks so much!
  • These videos have been amazing, honestly proper life savers. Thank you ever so much
  • Thankyou so much for taking the time to do this ! I had no hope of passing maths in the middle of the year but managed it thanks to you 🙂