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If you need any help with your A Level maths studies then Exam Solutions is the place to go! Stuart has invested so much time in making such thorough, easy to understand videos which guide you gently through the maths course! Thanks for all your help!

Absolutely amazing!!

Exam solutions is absolutely amazing. Stuart explains everything clearly and with great working. Without Exam solutions A-Level maths would have been much, much harder. I have relied on Exam solutions throughout A-Level maths and have found it extremely helpful in consolidating my mathematical knowledge. Without Stuart Sidders on the case, Maths would have been a chore but watching his videos and working along with him really made it enjoyable and made the maths come to life! Many thanks Stuart! You are a LEGEND!!

Best Maths Resource

This is best website there is for A level maths, I have used it this year and it has been an immense help. I would recommend it to anyone, whether you are struggling or are excelling in maths.

This website is much more useful than the textbook

The videos on this website explain everything you need to know clearly and in a way anyone can understand. Meanwhile, the textbook skips steps in working and sometimes doesn’t cover all the content properly. So I would advise watching these videos rather than trying to use the textbook by itself, especially if you’re thinking of self-studying. This website is awesome!

The best online maths teacher

While I was still studying for A level Maths, I was often failing my mechanics exams. However, with exam solutions help, i was able to improve and surprise my teacher and fellow classmates. I believe everyone should use examsolutions to help them build confidence in Maths and solve every problem with ease.

This is one of the

This is one of the best websites that I have found for A – Level maths. Almost all videos are very helpful.

Amazing legacy!

Thank you so much for the videos, sir. Helped me a lot through my AS year. Looking forward for A2 with confidence!

Amazing maths help website

Often I find it useful to get a different explaination of a topic I’m finding difficult. ExamSolutions fits this need perfectly and helped me achieve an A grade in Edexcel A-Level maths.

The best website for maths revision!

So I was in year 10 and was pretty much failing maths being predicted a 3 and I had no hope in passing as I could barely understand what my teacher was trying to teach us. So I tried looking online and found examsolutions and from then on maths was just so much easier than ever. I watched all the videos on gcse maths, then tried exam questions and it came to my year 11 maths exam and once I completed all 3 papers I was just so happy with all the work I had put in to this subject. So now comes results day and I could not believe I had achieved a grade 8! Thank you examsolutions!

Amazing videos!!!

I recently did my AS maths exams (c1, c2 & s1) and achieved 3A’s. I was really pleased with my grades, particularly because my maths teacher at school sent a letter home saying that I was failing maths at the start of the year, and needed to improve.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart for helping me achieve my success. Honestly, your videos are incredible; anyone can do well in maths from your brilliant videos. I did not start the year too well, however, after watching your videos I really excelled in maths – you make it seem so easy! I can guarantee that without your videos and help, I would not have achieved my success. You are brillaint!! You deserve to be knighted by the queen. You are so much better than all of my maths teachers or any textbook. I will definitely be using your videos for the year to come, for my A2 exams.

Thank you so much! When I am rich and successful in future, I will always remember you!!! Never change please.


Stuart, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I completed my AS maths last year and averaged 97 UMS in the core maths modules. These videos saved my life!!!!

Clear and developed explanations!

I often couldn’t grasp the concepts used due to my teacher’s confusing explanations. The tutorials on here helped me understand the maths and beat my predicted grade of a B and get an A*! Thank you!

Love for maths

I have never – in my life – enjoyed maths the way I have enjoyed learning and doing with you. Your ways are with very clear steps which make it easy for us to understand even the most complex questions. So Thank you so much for all this help you provide us with. Thank you.

I’m very appreciative of your Youtube channel.

You’ve just made me adore mathematics in every sense. Thank you so much for being able to set out the work you have produced in a logical and clear method. I used to be slow and way below average at maths because I wasn’t even bothered to understand the lower tier content but now that I’m attempting higher tier in my retakes and want to strive to achieve a better grade in maths, I’m comprehending as well as enjoying every bit of it. Thank you once again! This just goes to show that you should at least try interpreting different concepts using different tactical techniques and if you put in the effort by actually studying and not procrastinating, you could potentially get more than what you think you’re capable of getting awarded.

Thank you!

You helped me get a B at AS maths and I really appreciate that. Simple explanations that are easy to understand and useful exam question walkthroughs. I’ll continue to use your youtube videos for A2 and hopefully secure an A in the upcoming summer exams! :)

Reason behind my success.

‘Examsolutions’ helped me achieve an A* in GCSE and an A in AS Maths and I’m forever grateful for that. I’m truly indebted to the obliging man behind this incredibly helpful website.

why i love it

it has helped me so much and i passed my gcse in flying colours

Thank you to an amazing

Thank you to an amazing teacher. Both my older brothers used this website for A-Levels and they have now passed their secret to success onto me. Simple videos that calm my stress over maths exams.

As Levels

I got a 7 in my Gcses and I kept hearing about the big jump to A level but in my first test I got a 100% thanks to exam solutions

I owe my A* in GCSE Maths to this website

Maths can be frustrating, and having someone explain a question step by step is extremely helpful. During every video, from the ‘Hi there’ until the end, I can feel my stress falling away as the seemingly impossible problems become understandable. I have made a donation and I implore everyone who uses Stuart’s videos to do the same. He is a great man for making this content free for all the maths students out there. Thank you Stuart :)

Incredibly succinct, accurate and clear

I swear to God it would have been better for my parents (and me) to just have me home-schooled using these videos.

I learnt more in a day of these videos than I ever did in a month of math lessons at school.

Stuart must have been a brilliant teacher. I envy those who got to be his students.

Absolutely amazing! Having a teacher

Absolutely amazing! Having a teacher whose methods do not match well with how I like to learn this has really provided with me extra support and understanding of certain topics I have needed help with.


Thank you so much for your amazing videos, I just got the highest in my math class, only lost 1 mark. Your videos are just amazing ,simple yet informative and the way you lay out your answers really helps!


I can finally understand the Cambridge maths with ease thanks to you


Dearest Teacher,
Math had never been easier until I found out about this website. I am done with AS math and am proud to say I got an A after watching all your tutorials :) .
Cant Thank you enough sir!
May God bless you! :)

C to A

If it wasn’t for ‘ExamSolutions’ our son wouldn’t be at his first choice University studying Economics. I doubt in fact he would even be at University!

Basically he was predicted a Grade C by his school but Stuart Sidders and his website ‘ExamSolutions’ has unquestionably helped him achieve an A.

I truly hope this feedback will inspire others to utilise this fantastic resource and in doing so it will encourage and enable Stuart to keep up the fantastic work he is doing.

Incredible teacher

I just needed to say, I’ve always feared maths. And whenever I heard the word “calculus”, I kind of dreaded it even though I had no idea what it actually entailed. It just sounded to daunting.

Recently I’ve decided to have another crack at my A-levels, this time doing all the maths and sciences. I originally had been working through a textbook, but quickly found your website and videos. I’ve found them much easier and clearer than any book. So as I’ve worked through your C1 for Edexcel list, I’ve gained an understanding of maths much faster than I originally anticipated.

But I’d still been dreading calculus the whole time. That was, until I finished your entire C1 playlist and even applied what I’ve learnt to some other questions. And I’ve got to hand it to you – I had no idea I was doing calculus at all towards the end. It just seemed like the logical progression from simultaneous equations, lines and graphs. But as always, you’ve made something that I always found daunting into something very easy to understand.

Honestly I cannot thank you enough. I’ll be sure to donate to your website very soon.


still saving me at uni !!

I love this guy

This lad is better than the textbook. Thank you so much for saving my maths Alevel grade

I used to have a ….

I used to have a problem on how to answer Pure Mathematics 1 and 3 past papers but exam solution solved that problem. I recommend this website highly for preparation of your A levels or AS.


I thank God for Stuart’s life, because without this website I don’t know what I would have done. Watching his videos got rid of all the frustrations and confusions I used to have with CIE Pure Math(which is not easy at all). He made me understand everything with ease due to his well explained videos, appropriate speed of talking, step-by-step explanations, and numerous examples. WITH THE HELP OF STUART I WAS ABLE TO GET 95% IN MATH AND I AM SO GRATEFUL, HAPPY AND APPRECIATIVE. THANK YOU :D

Great best teaching ever .you

Great best teaching ever .you take maths to a whole new level.I wonder y I even go to school.thanks Stuart I owe u my life.

Life Saver

I cannot thank you enough – Ive just started the new spec and I cant explain how helpful your videos are !

Someone give him a medal

I can’t Thankyou u enough.Ive been struggling with A level maths soo much.Bad teacher+hard spec is just a worst combo,but u are saving my A level.Thanks a lot❤️


lets just take a few minutes to thank this man for the amazing job, saved my GCSEs As and A levels


What amazes me is that this is a website for each and everyone!
Firstly I am good at a levels maths and didn’t have much problem but there were some loopholes and gaps in my concepts and ideas and this website helped me to overcome this concern and earned me triumph over these silly bits. would recommend to each and every one good or bad at maths student or teacher.


This indeed is the best website for learning ial mathematics .You are the best math teacher i have ever came across . I just cant thank you enough .
You are my grade savior .
Thank you so very much sir .
May Allah bless you .


U look at the lesson from the students’ pov and make the explanations flawless. Ur short and efficient videos cover the entire subject matter and leaves no questions behind for the viewer. U will evolve to be God of Math. Thank you so much and please continue your perfect work.

Thank you so much Sir…

Thank you so much Sir… I got A in C12 and M1 just because of you

Examsolutions is a national treasure

Honestly, I don’t know how I would have gotten through a level maths without you.
You are the best maths teacher I have ever had, and I can’t thank you enough for making maths understandable for me.


This website is perfect for those who cannot concentrate during lessons. If you do not understand well enough the different topics because you are sensible or too much stressed, then you shoud definetely watch the amazing videos that are on this website. They are quite useful. The only problem is that it does not cover all the possible topics that may come up in the a level maths exam. I would request mr solutionguy to add some videos about proof, coding and other topic which are missing.

Just want to say a

Just want to say a huge thanks to this!
This website is very helpful and I got A on my mock exam now which is great!
Everytime I have some problem I just go straight to the website.
Best learning website I have ever used.

The best thing since sliced bread..

At GCSE, I found Mathematics rather easy and was able to obtain a grade A with only minimal revision. A Level Maths has definitely been a step up from that. I’m having to work long hours and really push myself in order to succeed in maths- as well as my other subjects. I will be sitting my A2 exams this may. Sounds pretty scary. But with the reassurance of knowing there are videos online that are for my full usage, my maths exams don’t appear all that intimidating. I just want to give a major thanks to the man who has created all these videos, as it gives me the knowledge and support I need to go on to University with a grade that I can hopefully be proud of. I would recommend Exam Solutions a million times over. It genuinely is the reason why I am succeeding in Mathematics. I don’t know what I would do without all these tutorials.

Asalam Alaikum ( peace be

Asalam Alaikum ( peace be upon you )

Thank you so much, sir, I cannot tell how useful your tutorials are. it was very kind of you to take out your precious time, produce video tutorials and organize them according to each exam board! moreover that, you gave them away for free.. MashaAllah.

May Allah bless you :)

Stuart is a saint

During my GCSE’s (I’m in year 12 now, so a year ago), my brother kept raving on about this site called ExamSolutions as I was terrible at maths and was projected to fail completely (had gotten a U in all of my mock exams for maths).
It had clicked in my brain that I actually do need to do well for my GCSE’s as its the first stepping stone for my life, and I should be putting in work to get as good grades as I could (especially for a core subject like maths). This epiphany had only come to me 2 months before my maths GCSE’s and I felt as if I didn’t have enough time to cover the whole maths course (literally did nothing in all my lessons for all of my high school years), however I still went on this site, and I started watching the videos and started doing the practice questions (could even do A level questions as Stuart explained everything so well), once I finished the videos I went on and did more exam style questions from past papers (my maths teacher gave me an unlimited supply). I kept working and working, I was aiming for a 5 because at that point I was just aiming for a decent passing grade and I had no idea what level I was working at as I had no more mock exams to test my maths, this coupled with the fact that I had to focus on so many different subjects that I was all projected to fail, I did not feel very confident at all. When my maths exam’s came, I tried my hardest and grinded through all of them, balancing time and marks to try maximising marks. Once it was results day, I was praying for a five, or maybe even a six if I got lucky, my brother opened my results and told me I got an 8 for maths (I got all A*’s and A’s for the rest, except for maybe literature, does a 6 count as a low A?). I have to thank Stuart for this. Stuart’s videos, explanations and techniques are at the level of a paid course, yet he puts all of his videos up here for free. Thank you so much, you are one of the biggest reason (another being my maths teacher) I achieved what I achieved and this led to me getting what I wanted to do in A levels (Maths, Computer science and Economics).

To anyone who is reading this, it’s never too late. My maths teacher uses me as an example to show his year 11’s that working hard for even a month or two can bring about a massive difference and improvement.

Thank you so much.

Thank you for the tutorials

I hardly understand the way that my algebra two teacher teaches sometimes and your Combining functions : Introduction : ExamSolutions tutorial helped me SOOO much Thank you Mr. Sidders

Also this link is broken:

A blessing to the World of Maths

Mr Sidders,
You’re such a blessing to the world of maths. They way you explain is simple and straight forward. You’ve really helped me in my studies of Maths as a Teacher.
Thank you so much a million times

You have the SOLUTION to every problem!

Dear Stuart Sidders

You are the BEST teacher, for you teach from your HEART, not from the book. You have such a big heart that you have decided to teach the whole WORLD maths for free!
Though it took you more than a decade of hard work and dedication to come this far, your LEGACY will continue to enlighten and inspire little minds for GENERATIONS to come…!!!

Bolstered my understanding and piqued my interest into further maths.

Dear Mr. Sidders,

Thank you so much for the time you took to make these tutorials! Almost all the tutorials on the site was well thought through and thorough; not to mention to a great degree of succinctness too, through your tutorials I managed to achieve an A grade at A level mathematics under the CIE exam board. I am now looking forward to earning a D1 in Cambridge Pre-U mathematics principal subject, and an A* in CIE Further mathematics!

Life changing

During AS I was practically failing, didn’t understand anything properly. After self-tuition from the book managed to scrape a C at AS level Maths. During the summer I came across your website, I finally understood Maths. I made notes on all your videos, retook C1,C2 and S1, completing my A2 in maths the same year. I came out with an A*, and I have only you to thank for that. I discovered a passion for maths, and have decided to study it at university. I will be going LSE to study financial mathematics and statistic, and I have only you to thank for all of this.

Amazing work

I usually don’t do well in Math simply because I find it boring and complicated. However you really make it interesting and easy to understand. About 2 months before my A level exams your videos are a blessing!

really amazing

amazing way of teaching. much better than schools ad uni’s teacher. I would recommend watching your tutorials to everyone and would thank you very much. you have been helping me getting much better grade.

I usually find my maths

I usually find my maths class boring and really cannot concentrate well because of my teacher (he always get confused himself eventually confusing us as well -_- )
But your videos helped me a LOOOOOTTTT


This page helped a lot,hence it solves my problems and as well as it improves my understanding skills.

Life saver

Literally saved my A-level, went from a C last year to an A* in my most recent C4 mock thanks to these tutorials. Videos are easy to understand and focused on how to approach exam questions, thank you so much!!

Absolutely brilliant

I found out the hard way that simply looking at mark schemes for answers doesn’t help much. I stumbled upon this site by accident, but I am very thankful for it. Brilliant explanations and worked examples. I have my A2’s coming up in a few months, and am sure to have an improved grade. Thank you so much

Thank You!!

I’ve been struggling with my AS maths since the first day I started class. My AS grades in my first test was a flop (I got a D) :( but I came across examsolutions on YouTube. Loved the videos so much because the explanations given were very easy to understand. Comments were answered as well so that any misunderstandings could be questioned and cleared. Examsolutions has one of the best maths revision resources. Though my grades isn’t exactly on an A right now (Im on average B), I do have hope before my Stats 1 and Pure maths 1 exam this May! Thank you examsolutions :))

Absolute Hero

Words can not describe what an absolute legend you are. You should be getting sponsored by the government ….


The hero we need, but don’t deserve

From following your lessons and past paper walkthroughs from AS to A2, with some resits – my math grade went from a D to an A.

Your videos are a lifeline for students, especially those from poor performing schools who fall behind early on & fall under the radar.

I have now graduated from a top university with an engineering degree, but I am to this day still grateful for the time you took to create your videos.

You don’t understand…


Incredible tutorial videos

Thanks so much for putting these videos on Youtube for free. They have helped me phenomenally with revision and have explained the topics better than any of my maths teachers could!


Used all of the videos for pure and stats and have improved my mathematical knowledge amazingly!

A great help

This website and the videos are really incredible, they’ve helped me so much with my exam revision. It’s amazing how much hard work and effort went into this site :)

Omg i swear if it

Omg i swear if it wasn’t for you i wouldn’t be getting the grades i now get in A level maths!! THANK YOU SO SOO MUCH, especially for keeping it for free! I honestly watch your videos like some TV series episodes, they are sooo good. I’ve recommended exam solutions to almost ALL the students in my sixth form! You are an absolute legend and no other maths help website compares to yours! Thank you once again for all the effort. :’)




Thank you so much for all these videos, they have saved my life for A level maths & make it so easy to understand what’s going on. Also everything is so well laid out and it’s easy to find what you need. All my friends use it & I cannot recommend enough :).


I got to know about this site three days ago and I must admit that its the best site to learn mathematics. I teach in a College of Education here in Ghana, West Africa.
I have recommended this site to my students and I am sure they will make good use of what they learn here.

God bless you.

Kind regards

Simply, it’s the best website for maths.

Thank you very much for such a perfect website, it helped me a lot in mechanics, I used to hate mechanics, but with this website I change my mind, mechanics is super easy!

Cannot thank this site enough

My best and the wonderful teacher (exam solution guy) should be awarded and honoured if he has not been already. Need Letters from two people who know him to nominate to the Queen though.


You have helped me so much in my maths A-Level!!!!! Thank you so so so much :)

Excellent website, excellent resources, excellent

Excellent website, excellent resources, excellent explanations. Excellent all round!





One great maths teacher! ExamSolutions

One great maths teacher! ExamSolutions has helped me so much for the past 2 years with the new GCSE spec. I’m now looking forward to using this website for my A-Level studies. Thank you!

So far so good

I just started studying for my International A-Level Mathematics and I found the tutorials for certain topics excellent! There are also worked-out examples which are great and some good exam questions that are definitely going to be useful. I hope to get more support from Exam Solutions in my journey to A-Levels :)