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Poisson Distribution on a Casio Classwiz Calculator

I am currently updating old videos and adding new ones to the Poisson distribution page. The new specifications allow the use of calculators to use statistical functions. The Casio classwiz calculator is ideal for this as I demonstrate. I show you how to use the Poisson PD function which saves so much time over using

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The Casio Class Wiz is a scientific calculator that can be used in A-level. I like the ease of use and its ability to do many statistical calculations for the Normal, Binomial and Poisson distributions. This calculator will be seen in many of my statistical videos.

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Hitting the wall

Just seen that I have now hit the classroom wall. https://twitter.com/PixiMaths/status/927919663534755841 Second Logo on the left hand side.

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New AS and A-Level Mathematics Specifications and Tutorials

The new AS and A-level Mathematics 2017 specifications which were brought in to start from September 2017 with first exams for AS in September 2018 are proving to be quite a challenge as far as updating the site go. I was planning to complete this transition during the summer in time for September. At least

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Latest video

This video offers a supplementary exercise for anyone wanting more practice in finding an angle of a right angled triangle using trigonometry.

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Latest update

Remake of an earlier video due to an arithmetic error. I could not add up, Oops! Here is the correct version for Edexcel S1 January 2008 Question 2(c)  

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A-Level Maths – Mechanics Tips

I have put together some mechanics tips which I hope you find useful. Mechanics is a subject that requires a lot of diagrams. Don't get lazy and cut corners. Learn the standard diagrams for a given topic so that you can draw them without having to think for too long. Use standard letters to simplify

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A-Level Maths – Core Maths Tips

I have spent over thirty years teaching mathematics to A level and during this time I have never found any quick fixes or instant recipes for passing A/S and A Level mathematics. It is a subject which can be very demanding and tests ones ability to persevere. Meet these demands and the subject can become

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A-level Maths

Maths A-Level maths is normally studied after doing GCSE maths in UK schools and colleges. Maths A-level is generally regarded as a two year course which is broken up into various modules. The common modules are Core Maths, Mechanics, Statistics and Decision Maths. Some of the popular examination boards that offer maths at A-level are

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Revision Courses for GCSE and A-Level Maths

For many students, taking exams can be a very stressful and anxious time. It can also be very stressful for parents to. The right preparation before the exams is so important. Often maths revision courses can prove very helpful. There are numerous maths revision courses that take place up and down the country in

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