About ExamSolutions

So here’s a little bit about ExamSolutions. I started ExamSolutions in 2006, in the hope of providing a valuable resource for students to help revise for their maths exams. After leaving university I gained a degree in mathematics and then went on to gain a PGCE in maths education and went into teaching but left after 5 years and taught privately, one to one tuition. During this time I gained a post grad. certificate in Statistics and Statistical education. I have now been teaching for over 40 years. That dates me!

I believe that when it comes to maths revision, the only way to make further progress and gain confidence is by doing plenty of problems from past papers. What I found was that students are provided with the past papers to do revision from but with no answers to check if they were successfully solving the questions. When answers were provided, they were often copies of the mark scheme from the exam board.

I find many students who are given the mark schemes often say that the mark schemes are hard to follow as often the middle stages to solutions are missed out. Mark schemes are fine for teachers but as a resource for students I believe they are of limited value.

With this in mind I set up ExamSolutions to set about addressing this issue by providing a better resource for students when they are trying to revise from maths past papers. ExamSolutions provides a much more thorough resource than mark schemes alone. Unlike mark schemes my solutions are designed for students, and hopefully fill in some of the gaps that the mark schemes often jump over.

I would like to believe that the maths solutions and tutorials I provide offer teachers and students a valuable resource for maths revision.

ExamSolutions is constantly expanding, with videos being added most days.

My aim is to provide this as a subscription free service but if you can help by making a donation then I would really appreciate it to cover my time and running costs.

I hope you find my site useful for your maths revision and welcome any feedback, feel free to contact me.

Stuart Sidders