About ExamSolutions
The Digital Evolution in Maths and Science Revision

Founded in 2006, ExamSolutions emerged as a beacon of light for students navigating the challenging waters of maths revision. Stuart Sidders, armed with a wealth of experience, spanning a degree in mathematics, a PGCE in maths education, and an impressive 40 years of teaching, had a mission for this platform to provide exam solutions and tutorials for free.

Through the years, he identified a significant gap – while students had access to past papers, they lacked comprehensive solutions. More so, the available mark schemes often skipped the intricate, mid-process steps, leaving students grappling in the dark.  His solution was to illuminate this journey and make maths revision a structured, understandable, and enriching process.

While Stuart Sidders set an solid foundation, our renewed vision is to amplify this legacy by using technology to build confidence.

Introducing AI-Powered Learning Journeys

In our quest to provide a personalized learning experience, we’re harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our innovative AI-driven approach will gamify the learning process and craft tailored pathways for each student, ensuring that each individual’s unique learning needs are addressed.

Broadening Horizons

Understanding that education is a universal requirement, our commitment goes beyond borders. With content tailored for both A Level and AS Level, and a keen eye on the international audience, we strive to touch the lives of students globally. With an ever-expanding repository of 4000+ video tutorials of 10,000+ exam questions, our platform is the destination for maths and science revision.

Education For All

Our guiding principle has always been to democratize access to quality education. While we’re integrating modern technology and expanding our offerings, the core of our content remains freely accessible to all. This has been, and will always be, our pledge.

Support Us

We believe in the transformative power of education and are devoted to keeping ExamSolutions a primarily subscription-free service. However, with the increasing technological advancements and to maintain the quality, donations are always welcome. Your contributions help us sustain, grow, and continue impacting lives. Every donation, no matter the size, is a step towards a brighter future for a student somewhere.

Join Us on This Journey

Your feedback, support, and engagement are the winds beneath our wings. Feel free to contact us with any suggestions, questions, or simply to share your learning story. Together, let’s make maths and science revision an enlightening and empowering journey.

The ExamSolutions Team