We all like things to be free but I do need help with my running costs, to keep my site subscription free and help increase the opportunities for you and others, which has always been the aim of my work. I am passionate about continuing with this work, now in its 13th year.

However, a small donation, would help me to continue running and updating the website.

Not just for you ………………………… but for everyone who needs my support.

If my work has or is helping you as a student, class or teacher, then please make a donation. It will be greatly appreciated in return for the time and work that goes into providing this resource. Thank you.

ExamSolutions aims to provide free maths learning to everyone. If you can help with a donation to cover running costs, then this is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hi, my name is Stuart Sidders, a qualified maths teacher having taught maths for over 40 years and I am passionate about giving something back. For the last 13 years I have been producing maths videos, over 4000 so far, for students studying AS and A-Levels and International exams. They are hosted on this free, non-subscription, website.

ExamSolutions has been my baby for the last 13 years and has helped tens of thousands of students succeed in maths, to further their education and open up opportunities that they may have missed out on. You might already be one of those people on that journey.

My Dream

At 67, I want ExamSolutions to continue for years to come, remaining free and be self-sustaining. However, I need to rely on advertising on the website or within the YouTube videos to pay for the server running costs and software subscriptions. This does not bring in sufficient revenue that I need to make further changes.

There is work to do to keep ExamSolutions up to date as specifications keep changing and technology moves on. This has become too much for just one person to keep doing and I need to invest in help to update this resource.

Current running costs

Server costs £155 per month = £1860 per year

Software subscriptions £620 per year

Total £2480 per year

I need sponsorship or extra funding to update the website and employ the services of specialists in this area.

If you have a parent or know someone who :

  •  and yes this is a big ask, is able to redesign and rebuild the ExamSolutions website to a modern standard, please ask them to get in touch. In return they or their company would have the opportunity to be seen and acknowledged in helping to support free education in maths, throughout the site and on social media.

Looking to the future

  • I want to make a difference.
  • I believe ExamSolutions can continue to make a difference.
  • I am dedicated to still continue to put more videos up or remake earlier videos which need updating to today’s standards.

Please help me to make my dream come true and help ExamSolutions continue changing the future prospects for many others.

Thank you,
Stuart Sidders
(Founder of ExamSolutions )

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