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Stuart Sidders

Hi, I am passionate about offering maths help through my video tutorials to as many people as I can around the world for free.

I hope I can help you if you are stuck on anything from core maths, statistics, mechanics and further maths.

You will find over 3500 video tutorials so far embedded in the site that I have produced and this project is now in it's 9th year with more videos being added most days.

I have taught maths for over 40 years now and I hope I can pass this experience on to you through these videos.

Maths Community - Ask a Question

I set this group up with the aim of having a place where you can help one another answer any maths problems you may have and build a community. Check it out.

Thank you

Finally, thank you to all of you who continue to support this project with your comments and donations. I am truly grateful and wish you all every success in your studies and future.

Stuart Sidders

International Maths

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