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Stuart Sidders the maths Exam Solutions guy

Hi, welcome to my website, Exam Solutions.

I hope you find it useful and can achieve every success.

A Special Thank You

Thanks to all of you, who show your support and appreciation to help me keep this project going. It is now in it’s 10th year and I want to continue adding to it for many more years to come.

Your Donation shows Appreciation.

Stuart Sidders

Thank you so much for all your hard work into making these videos.

They played such a big part in helping me get into Warwick university to study maths.


Alice Hoolahan, A level Maths Student

You are a wonderful teacher. I’m taking maths and further maths at a-level and you’ve helped immensely!

I love maths and is aiming to do maths at uni thanks to you 🙂

Farihin Ufiya, A level Maths Student

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