FP2 Edexcel Maths Tutorials

It is advisable to check the official FP2 Edexcel specification in case of changes: specification


Fractional Inequalities
Modulus Inequalities
Series 1
Method of Differences
Complex Numbers
Further Complex Numbers
De Moivres Theorem
Loci in the Complex Plane
Transformations in the Complex Plane
First Order Differential Equations
Separating the Variables
Exact Equations (Integrating Factors)
Substitution Type
Second Order Differential Equations
Equations of the form ad²y/dx²+ bdy/dx+cy =f(x)
Using a Substitution
Series 2
Maclaurin’s Series
Taylor’s Series
Polar Coordinates and Curves
Polar Co-ordinates
Equations of Curves
Area Bounded by a Polar Curve