So you want to know a bit more about me.

Well my name is Stuart, Sidders and I am passionate about teaching maths, so much so that I have now taught for over 40 years and want to give something back.

I left university back in 1974 with a degree in maths and felt drawn to teaching the subject so I went on to gain a Post Graduate Certificate in Maths Education (PGCME) the following year at Chelsea College for Science and Maths Education.

This was a great year for me where I met my future wife who was studying to be a physics teacher at the same college. We married in the hottest summer we can ever remember back in 1976.

Susan and Stuart Sidders
Stuart Sidders Sax Player

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Both of us went on to teach. I taught secondary maths in Hertfordshire for 4 years but then left to take a year out with Rolls Royce Aero division. We had our first child Emma. Susan, my wife stopped teaching and started doing private tuition. I thought this too would be a good idea for me as I was realising that working in industry was not for me but teaching was my calling. So I did private tuition in maths for another 35 years as a full time job. During this time I gained a Post graduate Diploma in Statistics Education and we had another child, Andrew.

Whilst doing the private tuition in maths I also formed ExamSolutions in 2004 to offer worked solutions to past papers but it soon grew to what you see today and is still growing and takes up much of my time so I quit giving private tuition in 2015. So I have spent over 40 years teaching maths.

I do have another life though outside of maths!

You may find me doing Park Runs in Cassiobury park, Watford on a Saturday morning or kayaking along the Grand Union canal.

When not keeping fit, I love playing the saxophone. I run a jazz workshop and have my own trio where we perform mainly in and around Hertfordshire. Who knows, you may want to book me?

So that’s it. That’s me, now nearing 67 and providing this resource for free in my spare time.

If you can help support my running costs with a donation or wish to sponsor the site then please get in touch.

Best wishes,

Stuart Sidders