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Advertising on ExamSolutions

If you want to get your message across to young people aged between 16 – 34 in the UK then ExamSolutions can offer you advertising placements.


ExamSolutions provides students with free video tutorials and worked solutions to problems in maths at GCSE and at A-level. You can expect at least 100,000 page views a day. (Source Google analytics)

Since the aim of most visitors to the site is to watch a video tutorial (over 3600 videos) then the ads on the video page are an ideal placement and receive a high CTR.

I offer 3 ad placements as shown.

  1. Responsive Leaderboard (most popular)
  2. Responsive  Footer
  3. RHS Skyscraper

These adverts generally run through the whole site but are ommitted on the home page and a few other pages.

Examples of typical pages:

The website experiences high and low traffic depending on the time of year. It is very quiet during the summer months July, August and then gradually increases from September at the start of a new term and peaking towards the end of May/June when exams are on.


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