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GCSE Maths Bundle (40% discount)


Here are all our GCSE maths resources in one place and at a discount, suitable for all exam boards.

What you get

9 Practice Papers with easy to read Mark schemes

There are 3 sets of practice papers. Set 1, Set 2 and Set 3.

For each Set, you have 3 papers. Paper 1 is Non-Calculator, Paper 2 and 3 are Calculator papers.

A choice of 3 Predicted Papers for 2023 with easy-to-read Mark schemes

There are 3 Predicted Papers for 2023 for the Edexcel and AQA.

  • Predicted Papers 2022 – Paper 1 – Non-Calculator
  • Predicted Papers 2022 – Paper 2 – Calculator
  • Predicted Papers 2022 – Paper 3 – Calculator

There are also 3 Predicted Papers each for 2022 and 2019

How do we form our predictions?

Our research for predicted papers includes:

  • Identifying topics that have historically appeared in previous exams
  • Examining topics that were previously omitted, but may re-emerge in the upcoming exam.
  • Reviewing examiner reports to identify questions that students have typically struggled with in the past.


With discount:

Foundation Bundle £31.29 £17.99

Higher Bundle £31.29 £17.99

About Delivery

**These are digital downloads, so you will not receive a physical copy.**

You will have automatically receive two e-mails, one is an order confirmation and the second email contains a download link. You can just click on this link and the pdf will download automatically.

If any changes are made to the papers, you’ll be notified.

If you can’t find the second e-mail, try checking your spam folder, or searching your inbox. If you have any issues, please get in contact with us on and we’ll respond quickly.

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Foundation, Higher


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