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Algebra is the largest part of GCSE Maths syllabus. So it’s important that you know your Algebra! Here we cover everything from the basic of Expanding brackets, grouping like terms, to solving simultaneous equations.

Completing the square

Completing the square

Applications of completing the square

Exam Questions – Completing the square

Quadratic Equations

Solve by factorising

Solve by completing the square

Solve by the quadratic formula

Exam Questions – Solved by the quadratic formula

“I just wanted to take a minute of time to express my appreciation and gratitude for the maths content you deliver online. I am battling with a 17 year old who is due to sit A-Level Further Maths next year (AQA – I am not impressed with the selection of past papers they have on offer). There has been some fear at his college that A-Levels may yet again be cancelled – so they’re currently building up to a mock exam. The college have suggested these may be quite crucial in grading them. Your content is fantastic. I am not un-educated…..mathematically that is, but the Further Maths was just a step too far for me. We’ve both sat here watching your videos. The worked examples and explanations are fantastic.” 

Sarah – Kent