Here you will find links to some of the many maths video tutorials that are within ExamSolutions website.

Select your level and course of study from the list below.

Video tutorials are also available if you are studying from some of the common exam boards such as Edexcel, OCR, AQA, MEI for A-Level or any of the international exams such as CIE, International Baccalaureate.

This is  a good starting point for learning some of the basic skills required before tackling more advanced topics.

Some of the topics included are numeracy, algebra and trigonometry.

Pure mathematics covers more in the way of algebra, trigonometry, coordinate geometry and calculus.

It provides a foundation for further mathematics, mechanics and statistics.

This extends the pure mathematics work on algebra, coordinate geometry, calculus and introduces vector geometry.

Studying further maths is going to be useful if following a degree in mathematics or a higher science.

Statistics is the collection of data and how it is used to model real life events by using probability models.

You are likely to find it useful if studying other sciences such as biology, chemistry, physics.

Mechanics is used to model the movement of objects under forces.

It is useful if you are wanting to study mechanical engineering and is seen as a backup for physics.