Pure Maths Help

Listed below are tutorials that will offer pure maths help and core maths help with your course of study

I have also included some past paper exam questions with worked solutions which I hope offer you more pure maths help.


Pythagoras’ Theorem

  1. Pythagoras' theorem

Identities – Half angle type

  1. Examples using half angle identities

Identities – Triple angle type

  1. Identity for cos 3θ and sin 3θ

Identities – Factor Formulae

  1. Proving identities using the factor formulae

Exam Questions – Mixed trigonometry

  1. Exam Questions - Mixed trigonometry

Differentiation 1

The Product and Quotient Rules

  1. The product rule
  2. The quotient rule

The Reciprocal Function of dy/dx

  1. The reciprocal function of dy/dx

Integration 1

Integrating Products of the form f[g(x)]g'(x) by inspection

  1. Integrating products of the form f[g(x)]g'(x) by inspection

Permutations and Combinations

Permutations and Combinations

    The Language of Mathematics