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Pure Maths Help

Listed below are tutorials that will offer pure maths help and core maths help with your course of study

I have also included some past paper exam questions with worked solutions which I hope offer you more pure maths help.


Pythagoras’ Theorem

  1. Pythagoras' theorem

Identities – Half angle type

  1. Examples using half angle identities

Identities – Triple angle type

  1. Identity for cos 3θ and sin 3θ

Identities – Factor Formulae

  1. Proving identities using the factor formulae

Small-angle Approximations

  1. Small-angle approximations

Exam Questions – Mixed trigonometry

  1. Exam Questions - Mixed trigonometry

Differentiation 1

The Product and Quotient Rules

  1. The product rule
  2. The quotient rule

The Reciprocal Function of dy/dx

  1. The reciprocal function of dy/dx

Integration 1

Integrating Products of the form f[g(x)]g'(x) by inspection

  1. Integrating products of the form f[g(x)]g'(x) by inspection

Permutations and Combinations

Permutations and Combinations

    The Language of Mathematics

    Books that you may find useful for more maths help.

    Tutors also offer maths help or you may be able to find a short revision course offering maths help. Take a look here for further maths help.