Integration – Area under a graph

Integration can be used to find the area bounded by a curve y = f(x), the x-axis and the lines x=a and x=b by using the following method.

Video Contents

When finding an area under a curve to the x-axis we use definite integration. Several types of questions considered. Check out the contents below.

PAGE 1: Area under a curve above the x-axis 0:00:04

Example 1 0:01:31
Question 1 – Have a go 0:03:02

PAGE 3: Area below the x-axis 0:06::01
Don’t make this common mistake 0:09:13

PAGE 4: Area above and below the x-axis 0:10:55

PAGE 5: Area between a curve and a line 0:14:27
Method 0:15:26
Worked solution 0:17:43

Page 6: Area between two curves 0:21:45