Edexcel AS Maths

Here you will find the Edexcel AS maths index for tutorials and worked solutions to the Advanced Supplementary maths past papers covering everything you need to know in order to pass the exam with confidence.

AS Mathematics

Pure Mathematics

Paper 1


Paper 2 – Section A


Paper 2 – Section B


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AS Further Mathematics

Further Core Pure Mathematics

Paper 1



Further Pure Maths (FP)

Paper 2 – Options

FP1 TutorialsPapers

FP2 TutorialsPapers

Further Statistics (FS)

Paper 2 – Options

FS1 TutorialsPapers

FS2 TutorialsPapers

Further Mechanics (FM)

Paper 2 – Options

FM1 TutorialsPapers

FM2 TutorialsPapers

Further Decision  (FD)

Paper 2 – Options

FD1 Tutorials | Papers

FD2 Tutorials | Papers

Options for Paper 2. Any one of the following 10 combinations can be taken for paper 2.

FP1 / FP2  or  FP1 / FS1   or  FP1 / FM1  or  FP1 / D1  or  FS1 / FS2  or  FS1 / FM1  or   FS1 / D1 or  FM1 / FM2  or  FM1 / FS1  or  D1 / D2


AS Further Mathematics Specification | Sample Assessment Materials | AS and A Level Data Set | Advance information (8FM0)


Old Specification – Last exam May/June 2019


M1 Tutorials  |  M1 Papers


S1 Tutorials  |  S1 Papers