AQA AS Maths

Here you will find the AQA AS maths index for tutorials and worked solutions to past papers covering everything you need to know in order to pass the exam with confidence.

AS Mathematics

Pure Mathematics

Papers 1 & 2 – Section A


Paper 1 – Section B


Paper 2 – Section B

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AS Further Mathematics

Further Pure Maths

Paper 1

Further Mechanics Option

Paper 2

Further Statistics Option

Paper 2

Discrete Option

Paper 2

You must do any two options for paper 2 (Statistics/Mechanics or Statistics/Discrete or Mechanics/Discrete) 

* Tutorials for Discrete maths will not be completed during 2018-2019.


AS Further Mathematics Specification | Specification at a glance | Sample Assessment Materials | Mathematical Formulae and Statistics TablesAS level Further Maths (7366)