OCR AS Maths

Here you will find the OCR AS maths index for tutorials and worked solutions to past papers covering everything you need to know in order to pass with confidence.

AS Mathematics

Pure Mathematics

Papers 1 and 2 – Section A


Paper 1 –
Section B


Paper 2 –
Section B

AS Further Mathematics

Further Pure Core (Mandatory)

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Further Statistics Option

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Further Mechanics Option

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Discrete Mathematics Option

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Additional Pure Maths Option

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You must take the mandatory pure core paper and any two optional papers to be awarded the AS Level.

You may take more than two optional papers to increase the breadth of their course. The combination of papers that results in the best grade will be used.

* Tutorials for Discrete maths will not be completed during 2018-2019.

Further Maths Resources

AS Further Mathematics Specification | Specification at a glance | Sample Assessment Materials | Mathematical Formulae and Statistics Tables |Advance information (H235)